What are Balers?

Health care companies and hospitals, industrial manufacturers, food service enterprises, bottling companies and hotel chains, theme parks and government buildings, schools and hospitality firms have all been in the process of removal and recycle of their waste management in one way or another. Waste compactors are also something which has served many companies who want to recycle, rather than fill landfill facilities. The solution has been to place all items in a variety of sizes of dumpsters and then empty those by taking the contents to solid waste disposers or balers.

After your dumpster has been filled with all types of unwanted trash and garbage, or garbage that has been placed in recycle-containers, which will sort the glass from the aluminum and plastic, the next thing will be the use of a type of machinery known as a Baler. Balers are used by all types of companies and industries to compress waste that can be recycled into smaller bales that are easier to manage. They are made from heavy duty metal, and although some are quite small, they are extremely tough and will bale plastic, glass, Styrofoam, paper, steel and aluminum cans. The larger balers are used by hospitals, hotels, restaurants, office complexes, and larger department and convenience stores so that their dumpsters will not be filled with unnecessary items. When the surplus trash is packed and compressed by means of all types of vertical, horizontal and even custom balers, the environment will stay cleaner and the overall state of the natural setting will feel and look healthier.

When dumpsters are used with balers, here are a few things that will happen:

• Energy is greatly saved.
• The amount of waste that goes into an incinerator or landfill is significantly reduced.
• Natural resources, such as water, minerals and lumber are conserved.
• There’s reduction of pollution, as there’s less need for raw material usage.
• Global climate change will slow down, as decreased levels of greenhouse gas are discharged.

Going back to recyclables, we recall that all trash is placed in dumpsters that have been rented and then those dumpsters are sent to a facility which cleans and sorts all items that are fit for manufacturing and recycling. It’s interesting to note that there is a large demand for recycle material for sale on a global basis, just the same way raw materials are sold: In mass! Now there are also many products that are made from recyclables, such as steel and aluminum cans; many forms of plastic containers, newspaper and magazines, paper towels and a large assortment of glass and containers made from glass. For example, glass product recycles are used for road tarmac. A variety of plastics are used to make carpeting and furniture.

Many other manufactured goods we use on a daily basis are safely made from all sorts of recycled products we tend to throw away every day without even thinking twice and that is why the environment is become hazardous and there is a rise in all sorts of pollution.

Here are a few of those things that are made from recycled materials on a regular basis:

– Aluminum cans
– Egg and Cereal Cartons
– Motor Oil for Cars
– Nail polish and Health/Beauty products
– Trash Bags
– Automobile Bumpers
– Newspapers and Books
– Glass Bottles and Containers