Types of Dumpsters

Dumpster rental companies will let you locate a quick way to find the right size dumpster for any large project. They are Dumpster Rentals for Business Owners who will give you the exact measurement and type of dumpster that will be needed. All dumpster requirements are set by the area in which you are requesting the dumpster. You can schedule same day delivery and pay without a contract right on your computer with just a few clicks. They even have special package rates for short and long term rental. The benefits to the environment are especially important to consider, when renting a dumpster for your work or project. First let us look at some of the types of disposal dumpsters available on the market. All of these dumpsters can be rented on a short or long term basis from you area waste management company.

There are many types of personal items that can also be recycled such as laptops, fax machines, phones and other electronic devices and even actual cords and wires. If you look at the garbage bags and on the outside of a trash truck, there is always the symbol that shows the sentence which goes: “Reduce Reuse, Recycle”. This is taught in all schools with the desire to create a clean and productive environment for all.

Residential Dumpsters – There are 3 major residential dumpster sizes:

1) SMALL-The most common type of yard dumpster is the 20 foot one. It can hold up to 4 tons of material and accommodate projects that require getting rid of small and mid-sized items such as small lamps or chairs. This dumpster is 3.5’ high X 8’ wide X 20’ long.
2) MEDIUM-The next size is the 30 foot dumpster. It can be useful when you are remodeling your home. Clutter can be disposed of in just a few minutes and your yard and trash area will look clear. This dumpster is 5’ high X 8’ wide X 22’ long.
3) LARGE- This is the largest dumpster and it can help better household clean-up jobs. Also used mostly for smaller commercial and industrial renovation projects. The dimensions of this dumpster are 7’ high X 8’ wide X 23’ long.

Commercial / Industrial Dumpsters – There are up to 4 types of heavy duty dumpsters.

1) The 3’ high X 3’ wide X 6’ long dumpster is rented out by coffee shops and smaller restaurants, as well as medical clinics. .
2) The 5’ high X 4’2” wide X 6’ long dumpster serves retail stores, offices and mid-sized restaurants.
3) The 6’ high X 5’ wide X 6’ long dumpster will accommodate trash from large restaurants and medical clinics, as well as larger offices and retail stores.
4) The 6’8” high X 5’6” wide X 6’ long dumpster will hold larger amount of trash and is rented out to large retail stores and medical facilities, and also to large companies.