Living in Chandler

Living in Chandler

Chandler, Arizona is a city southeast of Phoenix with a population of just under 250,000. It is part of Maricopa County and is only a couple hours drive to the Grand Canyon. Chandler boasts natural beauty and outdoor adventure with a backdrop of the beautiful Senora Desert. In a city with over 50 parks and recreational centers, there is no shortage of adventures and educational experiences for its residents to enjoy.


Popular locales in Chandler include the Veteran Oasis park, a 133-acre desertscape surrounded by wetlands, where you can go fishing, hiking or take part in educational programs through the City of Chandler Environmental Education Center. Othe major attractions include the Arizona Railroad Museum, the Chandler Center for the Arts and Vision Gallary, a arts center that stands in the heart of the city.

The city hosts the annual Ostrich Festival as a salute to the roots of the town. In the early 1900s, Chandler’s economy was largely based on cotton, corn, and alfalfa. Ostrich farms also dotted the countryside, supplying plums to decorate women’s hats that were popular in that era. The festival includes camelback rides, ostrich races, and a 5k run.


Today, the economy in Chandler is based on technology, finance and healthcare. Chandler has a strong economy thanks to the many major high tech and financial employers that have taken up residence in the city. Intel, the computer microchip company, isChandler’s top employer plays and plays an integral part in the city’s growing economy. Intel has four locations in the area, including its first “environmentally sustainable” category according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria. Other major employers include Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, Paypal, and Microchip Technology. Manufacturing, retail, and tourism also contribute to Chandler’s booming economy.

Chandler’s economy is expected to grow 41% over the next ten years. The median income in Chandler is over $71,000. Chandler is also relatively inexpensive to live due to its low income tax rate of 3.36% and a sales tax rate of 7.8%. Unemployment is 4.5% which is lower than the national average of 5.2%.


The Chandler Unified School District, which is also the third largest employer in the city, educates 31,000 students and is consistently rated as one of the best school districts in the state. According to 2018 Best Schools Niche, the district ranks #2 out of 110. It also ranks #3 out of 98 in Best Places to Teach in Arizona and #6 out of 104 in Best Teachers in Arizona.

The district has 25 elementary schools, six junior high schools, and four comprehensive high schools. It is also home to three alternative schools – Chandler Early College, Ken “Chief” Hill Learning Academy, and Crossroads Community School. There are also five schools in the Chandler Traditional Academies (CTA), which includes four elementary schools and one junior high school. Arizona College Prep is also available in the district. It is an extension of the Chandler Traditional Academy program. Its Erie campus ranks #9 in Arizona Rankings and #87 in National Rankings.

Real Estate

If you are thinking about putting down roots in Chandler, housing is plentiful to choose from. Condominiums, lofts, and townhouses are for sale and offer breathtaking views of the mountains and desert.

Many condos provide access to clubhouses, fitness centers, swimming pools and golf course views. Gated and guarded entryways are also available for your security and peace of mind. The price range for all new condos in Chandler AZ is $250,000 to $411,990 with an average of $345,779.