How I got rid of the bedbugs in my business

Gilbert Business

About a year ago, I found that I had a couple of small red sores on my thighs and arms. I knew that this was probably the result of there being bed bugs in my home, and so I checked to see if there were any. However, I ended up discovering that there were actually from an infestation of bed bugs from the business I owned. This was surprising to me, because I always associated bedbugs as something that is found in peoples home’s rather than in an office. I knew that if any of my clients found out that I had bedbugs I could end up losing a lot of business, and so I decided to take care of it as quickly as possible.

I contacted this Phoenix pest control company, and told them about my bedbug problem. They were able to have an exterminator come over to my business the next day to check the matter out. There were able to do a discrete screening while I had no clients in the office, and determined that I did in fact have bedbugs. There were able to determine that the bedbugs were confined to a couple of the downstairs offices, and that there were none of them in the upstairs or garage area. This was very useful to know as it meant that I did not have to pay for these areas to be treated when they really did not need it.